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WPIAL Insider Thursday Night Special: ATTENTION PARENTS

Early this week, though no other outlet gave us credit, we broke the news regarding Tom Liberty’s “resignation” from Freedom. It came as a surprise to many around the WPIAL. But over the last few years, more and more coaches are being asked to or forced to resign by school administrations before the end of the season. Why? Well it has a lot to do with parental influence.

This isn’t just a bad look for the school, but you are sending the wrong message to the kids. You are creating an environment where the players are becoming weak and soft, and if they don’t get their way, they can just cry to mommy and daddy that they are not getting the playing time they want.

The problem is that parents are treating high school football more like college than ever before. A coach can’t even get his team playing his way before he is pushed out the door. But even having something established like Liberty did at Freedom can not be enough. The Bulldogs had already clinched a playoff spot and were coming off their first playoff appearance in some time. It didn’t matter though and he was let go.

Parents are always going to think they have a say when they don’t agree with the head coach is doing. They are going to be mad over the fact that their son isn’t starting or getting enough playing time. But you can’t pressure school officials to make a change at head coach just because of your gripe with him. In the words of LaVar Ball, stay in yo lane parents.

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