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Student Section Rankings

WPIAL Insider Student Section Rankings: Full Season Top 15

15. Freeport– With being one of the smallest schools on this list, Freeport comes in at the final spot in our top 15 overall student section rankings. With solid turnouts each week, this spot is well deserved for Freeport. Saturdays are for the boys with this one. Highlight: Small but dedicated.

14. North Catholic– With five top 25 finishes and large turnouts, North Catholic deserves the number 14 overall student section ranking. Highlight: The whiteout and pinkout were both pretty packed and looked like a blast.

13. Woodland Hills– Started from the bottom now there here, from 25 up to number 13 overall. Highlight: Your increase in ranking each week deserves you the number 13 overall student section ranking.

12. Laurel-Highlands– By showing consistency all year, welcome to the top 15 student sections. Highlight: Your America themed night showed much pride and leaders came through for this number 12 ranked student section.

11. Knoch– With six top 25 finishes, Knoch deserves a spot in the top 15. Their numbers for each sporting event are unreal and their school spirit is one of the best. Highlight: Dedication

10. Gateway– Way to make it into the top 10 of overall student section rankings. The past two weeks you have come up big especially with the blackout, which looked insane. Highlight: Blackout

9. Central Catholic– One of the strongest starts out of any school in the beginning of the season gives you a spot in the overall top 10. Highlight: Five top 15 finishes and consistent numbers and themes for this top student section.

8. Peters Township– Finishing in the top 10 for the past five weeks this student section deserves a spot in the top 10 overall. Highlight: Your whiteout and numbers for away games really put you here.

7. Penn Trafford– Starting out slow but gaining significant power rankings from week 4 on, Penn Trafford deserves the number 7 overall student section ranking. Highlight: Your blackout was the most packed all year.

6. Mars– Consistency is key when it comes to this student section. Solid showings for each game. Highlight: Neon themed night and coaster performances that Mars had. With six top 10 rankings this year, you well deserve the number 6 overall ranking.

5. North Allegheny– Solid showing in the Top 25 each week. Highlight: Raising a great amount of money for a wonderful cause, fat heads and AT&T Sportsnet commenting, North Allegheny comes in at the number 5 ranked student section with their latest ranking being on top.

4. Seneca Valley– Making the top 15 each week is tough to do and Seneca Valley is the only student section to do so. With six of those finishes being in the top 5. Highlight: Pep rallies being awesome and other schools commenting on your dominance puts you well in the top 5 overall.

3. USC– Consistently ranked at number 2 for five weeks and 8 top five finishes. The turn out for each game was large whether it was home or away. Highlight: The domino effect was pretty clever as well. USC deserves the number 3 overall ranked student section.

2. Pine Richland– With eight top 10 finishes with three as number 1 rankings, Pine Richland lands at the number 2 overall ranked student section. Highlight: Who else pulled off a JV section.

1. North Hills– With five number 1 finishes and three number 2 finishes, North Hills deserves the number 1 overall ranked student section thus far. Highlight: The blackout that changed to red and white rows in the dust of their school colors.

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