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Student Section Rankings

WPIAL Insider Student Section Power Rankings: Week 7

Look..I made everyone aware a couple of weeks ago I wasn’t playing anymore. We’re in Week 7 now and I am only going to include you with photos. If I was not sent a photo, you’re out. They are power rankings so they will be different EVERY SINGLE WEEK. It goes off of your performance at the game. ALL PHOTOS MUST BE SEND IN A DM ON TWITTER NO LATER THAN MONDAY AT 9PM. THAT IS THE DEADLINE. NO EXCEPTIONS. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR SCHOOL NAME. So with that being are this weeks…

  1. Pine Richland
  • Back to back weeks at number 1. North Hills isn’t going to be too thrilled about this. But with this dominance you have shown the last two weeks..I mean..there really isn’t a reason to remove you from number 1. You guys have been coming out in full force by adding a junior high section. Who will be next to start implementing something like this?

  1. North Allegheny
  • You even had At&t Sportsnet tweeting about you guys. What a HUGE section. From what I have heard, you guys were quite the wild crowd that Friday. Welcome to the number 2 ranking.

  1. Mars
  • The neon glow was seen from….Mars. Really though, you guys have been killing the game this year. From what I can recall, you have for sure been the most consistent section all season. I really like what you guys are doing and where you are heading in these rankings…aka up!

  1. Fox Chapel
  • You know, that was quite some crowd you gathered the other night. The blackout looked pretty solid from what I can see. Even though the section was DEEP…I worry about how it would have been if you weren’t in such a narrow section. I’m just kidding, awesome job!

  1. Seneca Valley
  •  The pink out was quite the success. This photo is just awesome. The entire progam is rallying together and it all starts with you guys. The best band in the land, the cheer squad and the student section create quite the atmosphere in Cranberry Twp on a Friday night! Insider is going to have to visit very very soon.

  1. Peters Twp
  • Kind of crazy how you made it into the Top 10 right? You were a final second send in. Really happy you sent it in though because I would have missed this Top 10 deserving whiteout.

  1. Central Catholic
  • Good section. The neon gets me every time. You guys are starting produce numbers consistently and that makes Insider very happy. I think that you guys are still missing something that will propel you back to the top.

  1. Penn Trafford
  • Another neon crowd. I sure do like that. I slept on you guys for the first half of the season and now the last couple of weeks you really have my attention. Another week in the Top 10

  1. Chartiers Valley
  • Ryan Estatico…this one is for you and us here at WPIAL Insider are keeping you in our prayers. Best of luck, and kick its ass brother. However, the green was awesome and you guys had quite the section going on.

  1. Highlands
  • I guess neon was the theme for everyone this week. I love the sign. Just awesome and great artwork I must say! But you guys have been showing up with pretty consistent numbers on a weekly basis. Lets try to push the envelope a little further this week right?

  1. North Catholic
  • The white out looked good. You guys kind of have me upset with your numbers honestly. I know you guys have the same amount weekly, but come on, where is the school pride? Way more students than what show up for the student section that from what I see in videos has quite the time. NC students-STEP UP!

  1. Trinity
  • Not a bad section. Nice little black out on PCN. I like the work you guys are putting in and committing to weekly!

  1. Indiana
  • What’s up? White out. I called North Catholic out but I’m thinking Indiana needs to show up!

  1. Freeport
  • Want to talk about consistency? You guys are showing up every single week! Good pink out! And Saturdays are definitely for the boys!

  1. Derry
  • Not the biggest section but the white out was a solid turn out. I like it.

  1. Elizabeth Forward
  • Doing a pink out at an away game is not an easy feat. However with the lack of numbers you were still able to pull it off. Good work.

  1. Upper St. Clair
  • Well the black and yellow worked out well. But lets talk here…Where did the student section go?

  1. North Hills
  • Shame on you. End of story.

  1. Steel Valley
  •   You’re lucky I was in the middle of finishing this up when you sent it and didn’t submit it. But when I ask two days ago to DM me the photo. Don’t wait until the night of because I usually have this done ahead of time.




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