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Student Section Rankings

Student Section Top 25 Rankings: Week 5

Student Section Top 25 Power Rankings- Week 5

Listen, Send me photos of your section…Then I will post them under your ranking. Need photos. Videos are fun, but for the article, photos.


  1. North Hills

-The blackout plus goodnight moon was just beautiful…you guys did it again and get to keep your number 1 spot.

  1. Upper St. Clair

You had quite the turnout for a game that was over 45 minutes away. Got a few messages about you guys. You stay at 2 due to the insane turnout for such a far game.

  1. Seneca Valley

-The turnout at Highmark was amazing. You guys had quite the crowd and were loud all night. Insider stayed a distance away but was definitely aware of you guys the entire game. So close to moving up.

  1. Peters Twp

-Holy Numbers, Shout out on the news too. Good stuff.

-Dont have a picture, sorry!

  1. Mars

-You guys are all wild. Hearing big things coming from Mars about you! The Galaxy has arrived! Welcome to the top 5.

  1. Pine Richland- This picture doesn’t do justice but it will have to work

  1. Penn Trafford — Last week took an L, but next week you bounce back. This is all my fault, I still feel bad.
  2. Elizabeth Forward- The beach party looked like fun!

  1. Knoch- Holy cow, never knew Knoch was capable of something like this. Guess I’ve been sleeping on y’all. Welcome to the Top 10. Look for a big rise with you guys next week.

  1. Penn Hills- Solid work, solid section.

  1. Norwin- Yo Norwin, lets talk. This is what I’m talking about. Looking for a move into the Top 10 next week. Heck of a showing.

  1. Woodland Hills
  2. Highlands
  3. Trinity
  4. Beaver- Bobcats, what a showing for a Saturday Night blowout. Maybe we can meet at Jerry’s for some lunch and talk about a Top 10 for next week?

  1. Freeport- Great theme, great job. Maybe you can get into the Top 15…

  1. North Allegheny
  2. North Catholic
  3. Mohawk—-Awesome Video, need pics next week!
  4. Central Catholic
  5. Keystone Oaks
  6. Gateway
  7. Laurel Highlands
  8. Shaler
  9. Butler



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