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Student Section Rankings

Student Section Top 25 Power Rankings: Week 6


  1. Pine Richland

-Well….Welcome, you started out the year here, and may just end it here. Your section was HUGE for the Central game…and since this is a power ranking and changes by how the section is, you are first. That was just unreal, you have a JV Student Section attached? What madness. Insider was there…and this picture doesn’t explain the size of what was going on.

  1. North Hills

The Neon theme was awesome. You had a huge section yet again and from what I heard, you were still wild as can be. The turn out for back-to-back far travel games is just amazing. I’m sure you’ll make your way back to #1 very soon. It’s not you, it’s me.

  1. Penn Trafford

-Hey there…I doubted your team against Gateway, you proved me completely wrong, very bad. The student section was INSANE…I mean, how could I not put you in the top 5?

  1. Upper St. Clair

-Dominate group yet again. Huge crowd. Rowdy all night.

  1. Knoch

-Well, You guys show up at EVERY single sport for your school. That is unreal. And you guys are deep at every sporting even you show up to. It’s like a little mafia..Love it.

  1. Norwin – What a solid section. I been sleeping on you all year. Never knew you guys rolled this deep. Movin’ on up

  1. Mars – Your themes have been great all year. I can see  Top 5 again in the very near future


  1. Laurel Highlands – Merica…I think I saw Donald at the game.


  1. Elizabeth Forward — I had an awesome picture of you guys but I have no idea where it went


  1. Peters Twp


  1. Highlands – Long and narrow…nice


  1. Woodland Hills – Expect bigger things from you guys…on the downward trend


  1. Seneca Valley- you know why you’re here.


  1. Moon —growing some steam in the rankings…moving up fast!

  1. Butler – The Green Party came all out! Love it

  1. Penn Hills – Pink out I salute you to that. Need better numbers


  1. North Catholic – What a showing for an away game. Loved the boom box


  1. Trinity – Ok ok I see you Trinity. Decent Size, rowdy is at a 100 though!


  1. Freeport – Kind of a bad photo, but I know every week you are there making noise!

  1. Beaver – Talk about bad photos…If it weren’t for the videos not sure if you would be ranked! Need better photos!

  1. North Allegheny–Need photos!!! I’m sure the whiteout was great though


  1. Mohawk


  1. Central Catholic


  1. Keystone Oaks


  1. Gateway
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