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Keeping it real with you…

This is going to be a new feature, just keeping it real. Short, Sweet, and to the point. Things are going to be said that you may not like, it may even make you not want to come back. I’ll throw the crap out and give you my opinion of how I feel about certain things. I’ll be keeping it 100 with you all. Don’t @ me.

Not sure if I want to write it in paragraph form or do bullet points… I’ll start with bullets this week.

  • Imani congrats on the win..still a lot to prove
  • Clairton is not Clairton this year-Might be 4th best in Class A
  • The Quips are going to crush the Bears this week
  • Quip may have the BEST defense in WPIAL History
  • Pine Richland won’t be challenged until they play… Who??? I have no idea, isn’t that right Central Catholic?
  • If you don’t like the top 100, don’t cry to me, play better and change it.
  • Stop fighting in games; do you not realize colleges are ALWAYS watching?
  • Speaking of coaches watching, check your social media, you need to clean it up and spell much better
  • Sad that half of the teams have better student sections than actual teams
  • Jordan Crawford is a stud
  • Riverside is getting hot
  • Beaver Falls, feel bad for them- Congrats New Brighton
  • Penn Trafford- you proved me wrong, what a dominate win, good stuff
  • Aidan Cain—you’re a monster bro, could only imagine if you didn’t miss 2 years
  • Who else wants participation trophies this week?
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