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Insider’s Mid Season Report 1A-3A

3A Mid-Season Report

Aliquippa – What an opening to the season. Unreal defense, I’m sure Mr. Law and Mr. Revis would be very proud of what you guys are doing. Eli Kosanovich has been quite the pace keeper to the offense, throwing for over 400 yards and 6 touchdowns to this point. William Gipson, Deoveon Crute, and Tariq Jones have been stellar at wide out this year. Avante McKenzie has been the stud we saw coming this year with over 600 yards, 7 TD and an 8.2 YPC average. Look for the Quips to dominate all the way to Heinz and raise gold.

Elizabeth Forward – Just a dominant season from Elizabeth Forward this year. Zach Benedek throwing all day to Gavin Martik. Brian Malloy takes care of the touches from running back and these three have Elizabeth Forward looking to big things come playoff time.

Freeport – Another Romanchak roaming the field for Freeport as his brother plays at Robert Morris. Austin has just less than 300 yards in the air and over 400 on the ground. Conor Selinger also adds another 400 with a solid 1-2 punch with him and Romanchak.

Quaker Valley – Ricky Guss is the real deal. Over 750 passing yards this year, tallying 10 Td’s and only 1 Int. It helps when you have Isaiah McNair snagging balls for you with over 20 catches and over 400 yards receiving this year. Quaker Valley has been building this team for a few years and it appears that they have finally arrived. The only thing is that Quip is on a freakish run and that is going to be the real test to see who these Quakers are.

Seton-LaSalle – Matt Banbury is leading the way this year while driving the offense with over 700 passing yards and completing over 50% of his passes. His job is easy when you have Lionel Deanes to hand the ball to. Mr. Deanes checks in at over 1000 yards from scrimmage at this point in the season. Lionel also has over 200 receiving yards.


2A Mid-Season Report

Beth Center – Another team that likes to spread the ball around. First you have Bailey Lincoski with over 550 yards passing and completing over 50% of his passes. Trevor Anderson, Dylan Dingle, and Dominic Fundy take care of hauling in the passes. Speaking of Fundy, he’s coming up on 1000 rushing yards already. Not far from him is Lincoski with over 500.

Burgettstown – The surprise of the season to this point has been Burgettstown. Lighting up the scoreboard weekly averaging 45 points a game and only giving up 9 so far this season. Yes, I said 9. If it weren’t for Aliquippa you would have the most dominate defense in the WPIAL. Spreading the ball all around is something that has worked out for you this year with Ryan Lounder, Jarred John, James Choff, Nick Spear, Austin Safreed, and Gage Monette all making huge plays this year to lead you to this dominate showing.

Riverside – With Freedom knocking at the door looking to take over the Midwestern Conference, the Panthers are right back at the top looking to prove that last year wasn’t a fluke. Ben Hughes is running the show from behind center while LeMarcus Cleckley, Noah Harris, Austin Dambach, Kyle Marweg and Woodrow Hughes all are playing major roles this year. With a team this deep, look for the Panthers to continue their early season success.

Steel Valley – Amont Strothers, Kameron Williams, and Trevon Adams are leading the way to what appears to be another steam rolling season for Steel Valley. Brady Millers foot is on fire just making everything he kicks. See you at the championship.

Washington – Washington might be the team to challenge Steel Valleys crown. Zack Swartz, Isaiah Schoonmaker, and Nick Welsh leading the charge. Mr. Welsh has nearly 800 yards rushing this year while Swartz has thrown for over 400 and 6 TDs. Isiah Schoonmaker leads the WR core with over 250 yards on the season.


1A Mid-Season Report

California – Some big games coming up for California as they were at this point last year when the wheels began to fall of the wagon and they got blown out in the playoffs. But California says things are different this year. Scoring almost 60 points a game with Jelani Stafford having almost 800 rushing yards. Behind him there are 4 other 200+ yard rushers with Cochise Ryan, Zion Aldrich, Jonathan Wood and Collin Phillips. Mr. Phillips also quarterbacks the team with 4 passing touchdowns on the early season.

Clairton – Last time the Bears lost a regular season game was….I have no idea it has been such a long time. I am afraid that the Bears are on a down season and not too sure they will end the season in the Top 5. But until Clairton doesn’t win the championship, they are the Kings of Class A. Tre’Sean Howard and Brendan Parsons lead the team in yards with Devlin Clifford hauling in most of the passing yards this season. Like I said, they’re top dogs until someone new raises the trophy.

Imani Christian – What a confusing season. So much hype to start the year, then get pretty much blown out back-to-back weeks. Then turn around and upset Clairton. What a roller coaster of emotions. With so much talent on this team, Imani could find their way to the title game. Tawan Wesley leads the way on offense with over 1400 passing yards, Asante Watkins has pitched in over 500 rushing yards. Not to mention, Sam Fairley has almost 600 reception yards, Rahmon Hart has over 350, and Ray Jackson is right there under 350. As long as the line can hold up on both sides of the ball, Imani is a nightmare to face in terms of talent.

Jeannette – The best team in Class A isn’t ready to go down any time soon. Looking to finally take control and take over Class A. There is only one team that has been holding them back from that and they may just be on a down year. Robert Kennedy, Mr. Do it all leads the team with over 600 passing yards and 400 rushing.

Rochester – Rochester is for sure the second best team in Class A. I think that they might even be the best. They are very deep which is something that typically doesn’t happen at the Class A level. They have big play makers all over the field with Division 1 Recruit Mahlik Strozier running the show at QB, he has over 800 rushing yards and Caleb Collins has over 500 the Rams look to run all over Class A.

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